Alphabet City - I love Jeff's blog for obvious reasons. He shares a love of Japan and food. He's honest and down to earth. I find some pretty interesting references on his blog that are pretty useful, like where to eat in the city, random facts about Japan, etc.

AngelaBaby - This girl is gorgeous. I know it's superficial, but beautiful people are so captivating, even if they are just taking pictures of themselves with funny glasses. I just eat it all up.

Freshness Factor Five Thousand - He's one of my favorite singers out there who also lives by the philosophy of spirituality. He's open minded, witty, and an amazing writer. His entries have made me laugh out loud on a few occasions.

last nights party - Voyeuristic type photos of beautiful party goers, and isn't that the essence of internet blogging-- being a voyeur?

Lost in Translation - A down to earth wanderer like myself, who in my eyes is very open-minded, brave and cultured. Her blog chronicled her spontaneous journey into a foreign land on a stint as a teacher. Her life is full of adventures and her blog just inspires me to carpe diem.

Peace Love & Glamour - This girl has style and is also very articulate. Her blog is full of art, fashion, and interesting opinions on life.

THEM THANGS - Unexplicable. You have to see it for yourself.

yyesnomaybeso - inspiring. absolutely inspiring.