So. Since I've recently moved back into my old room ( I haven't lived in their since high school), I'm thinking it's about time to do a makeover. Time to change up the old twin bed (yes, twin bed!) into something roomier and more fitting. The image above is going to be my starting off point and who knows where that will go.

This month is going to be full of new things. I am getting a little stressed out thinking about it as I always do, but someone wise once told me, "One step at a time." So first things first; the bed.

It is impossible to find a good upholstered headboard that does not resemble a coffin. My search started at Brocade Home, then to West Elm, and now Restoration Hardware, with no avail. Finally I found a bed fitting my preferences at the most unlikely place. I won't say where, but it's super cheap and affordable (under $600)!