One of my favorite things to do is give presents, but the best part of gifting is the part where you choose the wrapping paper and cards. Being the sentimental sap that I am, I like to choose things that represent the giver or the person receiving the gift. I like every aspect of my gift to be personal and have some characteristic to it.

This was for one of my best girlfriend's birthday. Her and I both share a love for traveling and overall general wanderlust so I picked out a beautiful wrapping paper that had a atlas printed on it. Another was a vintage image of the Eiffel Tower which is, more or less, very me. It's OK to put a little of you into your gifts. I highly encourage it. You want the person to know who gave them the present as long as it doesn't take away from the gift, itself. I added a little flower garnish because we are both extremely girly. I loved the details on it and it could be recycled and reused as something else, perhaps she can put it in her hair later, who knows?

One of my best advice to those who have a hard time finding the perfect gift is to get anything that reminds you of the person. In this case, I got my friend a few items that just made me think of her, and in the end she loved them all because she had actually planned on purchasing some of the items. So I guess it was a good thing to follow my intuition and pick out things that just screamed her name.

The flower garnish, card and wrapping paper were all purchased from Papyrus.

I think I enjoy the wrapping part a lot more than picking out the present. It's all about presentation and I like to put thought into every little detail. In the end, the smile on her face was all worth it!