I started this blog because I wanted to share. Share clothes, movies, books, stories, fairy tales. Magic.

What I got in return has been numerous and unprecedented amounts of encouragement (for my writing), and feedback on the things that I've been lucky enough to be able to introduce to you.

I've also been lucky enough to be approached by some great sponsors who have offered me with some amazing gifts all for a simple link to their site. And lucky enough to say that the experience has been nothing short of a delight for a girl like me who revels in all things free.

The comments keep me going, yet I am so terrible at responding. I am a lazy baby when it comes to keeping up with others blogs. I find beautiful blogs that I want to follow and add them to my list here on the left side, but rarely do I ever get a chance to go to them. And when I do, and if I have the time to respond, I'd like it to be relevant to the entry, not just a random comment for the sake of leaving a comment. I want the author to know that I read their entry.

I want to say thank you everyday to those who visit my blog and take the time to leave insightful and meaningful messages, to those who email me and reach out to interact with me. I appreciate it deeply, I just wish I was as good as returning the favor.

In my own little way, I just post more entries in hopes that you will like them.