It's not as exciting as it sounds, we just purchased a new Toyotal Prius today. My mom just traded in her gas guzzling SUV for a hybrid car under the Cash for Clunkers rebate program, and I couldn't be happier! We got back a lot more than the actual trade-in value of the car.

The Toyota Hybrid gets an estimated 48 miles per gallon. We were told to expect to fill up our gas tank on average about 2 times a month. It drives smoothly and the engine is so quiet, I couldn't even hear it under strained ears.

At first we went to 355 Toyota in Rockville, Maryland. We walked into the show room and it was packed full of customers. No one came up to help us so we had to go to the receptionist and ask for assistance. The salesman that was introduced to us wasn't friendly, welcoming or pleasant to talk to. He was short (in responses too lol) and unwilling to negotiate on the price of the car with us, which he quoted $1,000 above M.S.R.P. (or retail price) of the car. I asked him to give me a total price on the car, after tax, titles and the rebate from the rebate program and somehow, he magically came out with $25,000. If the sticker was $23,000, and the rebate gave us a total of $4,500, it would be around $18,500, plus 6% tax, factory transfer fee and title (around $1300), it should be less than $20,00. How ridiculous was that? Since he was so rude, we decided we did not want to do business there, nor with that particular salesman.

Our journey took us to Jim Coleman Toyota next and the experience compared to the last was as different as day and night. The showroom was not crowded. I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door by the receptionist who was welcoming and friendly. Immediately the manager of the dealership came over and introduced himself. I told him exactly what I was looking for and the price range. He was upfront and honest with me and gave me honest quotes that were A LOT more reasonable. All in all the experience was pleasant and amazing. We got exactly what we wanted without having to haggle and it all took a total of about 1 hour.

We are picking up our new baby tomorrow and I can't wait to name her!

Who else owns a Prius?

Jessica Alba

Sarah Jessica Parker

Owen Wilson

Miley Cyrus

Emma Watson

Leonardo DiCaprio

That guy from Entourage lol

Cameron Diaz (my favorite!)

Ryan Gosling

Gwyneth Paltrow

Orlando Bloom