This is very long overdue. My birthday was a month ago, but I never got around to posting about it. It takes some time to accept the fact that time really doesn't stop, and fighting would just be as fruitless as trying to fly.

The lover took charge of where to take me for dinner and it was a surprise. When he told me it was Morimoto's, I almost jumped up in excitement. OK, I did do a little happy dance...
Having been a fan of the Iron Chef shows, I once told the boyfriend how I envied the judges on the show who get to taste all the delicious dishes. "I want to be an Iron Chef judge!!"

So you can imagine my delight when he took me here to the famous Masaharu Morimoto's restaurant to try their tasting menu or "omakase" as it is called in Japanese.
I've always admired this man. He's very humble at his craft even when he wins. It's part of the Japanese culture not to brag, but to be such an artist and be as humble as he is I can't help but respect him.

We had a 7 course meal, and first up was the Tuna Tartare with 6 garnishes.

Then the fluke:

Then salmon fillet salad.

Foie gras with sea urchin and oyster. This one was my favorite!

Sushi was next. I'm getting full just going through the menu again.

The intermezzo was a house made ginger ale which was surprisingly fresh and light.

And finally, the main course; lobster and wagyu beef.

This is precisely the reason why I've gained so much weight since being in a relationship!
But I'm not complaining.