when splitting your life between two cities, it is vital to have a quality suitcase in which to live out of. the kind of suitcase that can take the constant pushing and shoving. the mishandling's. the always being full or overstuffed, yet magically, always under-packed.

this past weekend "was wonderful," as someone else uncharacteristically (longest word ever with 8 syllables. wow.) stated. we spent the weekend at a cute little hotel in DC and hardly went out at night, against the will of friends. when we ate, we ate entirely too much. and drank with just about every delicious meal. no, brunch is not too early for a glass of riesling.

it's only been two weeks since we've last seen each other and it feels like a billion years. i had almost forgotten what it felt like to kiss him and the feel of his skin. what did it feel like to have him look at me? i've never needed anyone this much. and not in the same way as the "Honey, I need you to change my tires or carry my bags" need. but the "I sleep restlessly without you next to me" and "I need to feel your weight on me" kind.

So every time we were in some sort of euphoria this weekend, he would urge me to "Remember this moment. Hold on to it for me next time you feel sad."

and I'm trying my best to, and it's only Tuesday. Two more days to Thanksgiving and awkward holiday moments with relatives.

But this year will be different. I can already feel it.