I grew up in North Highlands (a part of Sacramento). It is a
disenfranchised, lower-to-middle class neighborhood. I never allowed myself to
be a negative product of that environment. I used it as a source of inspiration
to challenge myself. I began college in August of 2005, balancing school and
work seven days a week. Around this time I started thinking about pornography as
a career opportunity. I have a huge appetite for sex and self-exploration. I
wanted to express my sexuality as a strong woman, to push my own boundaries and
see which part of my psyche would take me to my next euphoric sexual experience.
I wanted to do all of this in a sex positive way. Despite the controversy that
surrounds this industry, I felt I could ultimately bring an enigmatic quality to
it. I decided that if my instinct continued to push me toward the reality of
this, and the dissatisfaction with my education continued, I would seize the
opportunity on my own. I began my research that month, making my decision
absolute in October 2005. On April 17th, 2006 I moved to LA, got tested at AIM
and found an agent. I performed my first sex scene on May 1st, 2006 in The
Fashionistas 2: Safado. Although I have come a long way since then, many people
in society believe that I am a victim. I was not sexually abused. I am not on
drugs. The acts I perform are always consensual. I am a woman who strongly
believes in what she does — it is time that our society comes to grips with the
fact that "normal" people (women especially) enjoy perverse sex. I hope to
inspire people from all walks of life, and to collaborate with innovative
individuals (bohemians welcome). Many people mistake this thought and believe
that I desire all women to do porn and fuck like rabbits, ignoring all health
risks. This is not what I preach or believe. Like any business, I take risks in
my profession. Anyone considering porn as a career should be fully aware of
these risks before jumping in. I am ready to take on any opportunities and
challenges that face me as a woman, porn star, and artist.

Lotta Continua,
_Sasha Grey