Longing, by Sara Teasdale

I am not sorry for my soul
That it must go unsatisfied,
For it can live a thousand times,
Eternity is deep and wide.

I am not sorry for my soul,
But oh, my body that must go
Back to a little drift of dust
Without the joy it longed to know.

I don't know how some people live without ever letting themselves experience the full spectrum of emotion that life has to offer. They shelter themselves through fear, religion, or hate. Do they think they were put here on this earth merely to avoid all earthly pleasure and pain? Why fight so much? What are you fighting for?

How can one let such things allude one for so long? It's almost an insult to the host. Life will break you. The things that hurt you and nourish you will evolve you if you let it. It's a shame to go through life asleep, unaware of what you can become when you hide sheepishly behind the fear of the unknown. Life is so ugly, but so beautiful at the same time. And I think the moments when it hurts you, those are the moments where you have the most to gain.

But it's such a shame...