It's a beautiful piece of work, but it test my patience. I am too unrefined for these sorts "art form" in which everything and nothing is implied, where to ask for a cohesive plot would be to ask the director to use his brain. It's too easy to make an ambiguously empty film and call it art. And then leave it up to the viewer to interpret this blank canvas into a logical story. One shouldn't have to rack their brains to make sense of a movie. If I wanted my brain to work, I'd read a book.

Nonetheless, the actual collection is beautiful and already looks classic. Every piece looks like a staple that my lover needs in his closet.

And speaking of the lover and his closet, for his upcoming birthday I gifted him his first pair of Prada loafers. I was dumbfounded at how he could work and live in the financial district and not even own a quality pair of loafers. But lo, we say, that is where the girlfriend comes in.

I'll fix you up right baby. Just don't be ambiguous or you'll get a mouthful.