if i get less than 6 hours of sleep, my body temperature rises to a feverish level, verging on hot flash for old ladies. this morning was such a morning. i woke up from 2.5 hours of sleep, my body overheating. and after making my early morning appointment and returning home, i find myself unable to sleep, but rather, tackling backlogged errands that I've just never gotten around to.

like resetting my frequent flier mile password for AirTran and Southwest, and United. (Random, right?) and making checks out to the city for parking tickets--they've made a profit of $250 from me since last November. lets hope it goes into inner-city community reconstruction or something. All the while, i have been on hold with my insurance company for about an hour.

this no sleep thing, its like a coffee-high without the caffeine. I feel wired as if I've had 2 cups. I'm shaking my feet in some sort of anxiety and impatience, but I feel like I'm getting so much done! is your health a good trade-off for productivity?

One day they shall invent a sleep suppressor (if they haven't already), and we will have 16 hour work days, rather than 8.

and we will never have to sleep again, except maybe 2 weeks out of the year, like your alloted paid-vacation days.

we will be supremely productive, the world will move at a faster pace, our youths will enter the rat race at adolescence instead of post-college, yet our to-do list will forever endlessly grow bigger and bigger by the minute and we will still struggle to catch up no matter how many hours we stay late at work.

i need to get out of the corporate world.