"If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall."

Nadine Stair

The weekend was spectacular. And we did absolutely nothing. We just ate and watched Shutter Island (it's so good, go see it!), and slept past noon all weekend.

It was just want I needed. With no big fundraiser on the horizon and nothing going on really (actually I have to run a photo shoot tonight and team meeting on Saturday...but no event is a breath of fresh air for me) I was finally able to relax. And will continue to.

Next up is our trip to Puerto Rico. I think the dreary winter and work load took a toll on both of us, and we were desperate for a vacation. So last week the boyfriend suggest Puerto Rico for a short 4-night vacation since flights to and from are only 4 hours from New York, it would do for a nice short vacation

What started out as a simple whim, became a full fledged plan when we impulsively booked our package through cheapcaribbean.com at the Conrad Hotel. After the dust of excitement settled, I looked at the hotel and realized it just didn't fit us at all as a couple. It was chintzy and reminded me of Vegas, or something that wanted desperately to be like Vegas but failed miserably. So I asked around and my good friend who is also a talented photographer, Tony Yang, told me about his stay at the Hotel El Convento. He stayed there a few times and his images brought the hotel to life.

Looking at his pictures further made me realize how wrong the Conrad was for us.

Tony's friend, El Bob, a native of Puerto Rico.

Sure, it's a 4 night vacation, but I didn't want to settle. I wanted a great vacation and I am a little more than anal about the hotels I stay in. So I did another impulsive thing and called Cheap Caribbean to cancel our reservation. It was impossible. The agent refused to give. The best she said she could do was give me a credit for future travels. We were stuck with the Conrad it seems. The cancellation policy at Cheap Caribbean was made for their benefit and not for the protection of the consumer. It seemed like an iron clad clause that I could not get around.

Until the boyfriend stepped in. He once rescued my Balenciaga from Neiman Marcus (story on that later), and now he stepped in again. One call to Cheap Caribbean and he magically got the agent to refund us in full for the trip. We booked El Convento right after with flights through Expedia. It came out to be $200 more than our original package with the Conrad, but I can already feel like it will be worth it.

I'm so excited for my vacation. We are leaving in late May. Tony asked if I had my outfits planned already.

I do.

That's what girls do.