I want to be. To not care how others treat me. I try to listen to Epictetus, but he only makes me apathetic and that does not work if you were born to be passionate.

Passion usually attracts equally strong emotions back, and I was getting sick of the drama. So sick, that in an effort to keep the peace, I kept quiet. Then my dreams turned on me, and it was hard to have a quiet night. I had lost my voice. So I had forgotten who I was. In trying so hard to appease everyone else, I had suppressed the very thing that made me me.

So it's that time once again, to rediscover who I am. And these moments come in cycles.

They came numerous times during college, then after. After a break up, after finally accomplishing a long term goal you set for yourself.

I'll paint a whole new picture of who I am all over again. I'll learn how to be invincible in the process.