I've converted and found my default face wash. As you recall, I received this Juara Rice Facial Cleanser as part of my Beauty Cache sample from SkinCareRx. (Win your very own here!) Let me make it clear that I am not doing this by request of sponsors, but of my own will. I want to share this amazing product with you because the results have been amazing! I recently bought a full size of this product because I was so impressed with the sample that I received.

If you've used waterproof mascara, eyeliner and the likes, you know how hard it is to remove. Most face washes that do not remove waterproof make-up but only leave you with a nasty smeared residue after makes you feel like it's pretty ineffective, no? You'd think you need some heavy duty cleaning agent to get rid of this stuff! I thought that too but I was hesitant about using anything with heavy cleansing chemicals as they would be harsh on most skin types, including mines. So when this 100% vegetarian product arrived in my mailbox, I tried it with some skepticism, because most product that boasts being natural and such are usually weaker than their chemically enhanced counterparts.

But its not weak at all. It removed all my make up with minimal scrubbing needed. Not only that, but last night  in the middle of washing my face with this stuff, I had to open my eyes to get a hair out of my face, and was amazed to say there was no irritation! Nothing. No stinging, no red eye, no tears. I can't even say the same for my shampoos. You know those 'no-tear' baby shampoos? I've tried them, and they don't work!

Now you know why this product is a winner. It's strong and effective, yet oh so gentle on your skin and eyes. I can't help but love and rave about something that actually works!