Remember how I lost 1 of my 2 cameras my first night at Coachella? I had left it in the grass around the food area that night and mindlessly walked away from it. After checking the lost and found all three days of the festival, and with no avail, I left Coachella feeling a bit bitter. That bastard that has my camera better get his karma's worth.

Weeks past. And then Coachella posted up a visual database of their unclaimed lost and found items online. I searched and my camera was no where to be found. Until I read the description at the top of the page. They had posted messages of people who found things at the festival but failed to turn it in to L&F. There was only one message.

It was from a man named Russ Daggatt:

-------- Original Message ---------------------------------------------
Subject: FOUND camera
From: "Russ Daggatt" 
Date: Tue, April 27, 2010 10:42 am

On Friday night at Coachella, I found a Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS camera among some trash on the ground.  I will return it to the owner if he/she can correctly identify his/her:

home state
location of distinguishing tattoo

The pictures on the camera make these things reasonably clear.  I would be glad to get it back to its owner.


The last item about "distinguishing tattoo" sparked my hopes. I contacted Russ immediately with my answers, and it turned out he did have my camera. Russ was at Coachella with his wife and had stumbled upon my camera.   A week later, my camera was back in my hands and my pictures (more valuable than the camera) from our first night at Coachella were saved.

So thank you humanity, and thank you Russ Daggatt for restoring my faith in mankind.