been wasting away in this job for about 2 years now that i never loved to begin with but started out as an escape from the corporate world until i could figure out what I wanted to do. i think now is a good time as ever to finally start pursuing my dreams. no?

so i was doing research of potential employers and reading their company profiles. everyone came from oxford, stanford, yale, harvard, princeton or got their mba at insead.  it's quite intimidating, all these exec from all these brand name schools.

which begs the question, does the school breed the successful career person, or does the successful career person breed themselves, despite where they were schooled? my research-lite may suggest the former, for i haven't seen many executives who garnered for themselves a successful career originating from a no-name school.

does the average person have a fair chance at upper tier corporate success or do they need a big name to back them up? or is this sort of ambition an exclusive trait of alumni's of brand name schools? does the glass ceiling start at name of your alma mater?

There are a lot of factor that contribute's to an individual's success; family name, financial influence, collegiate affiliation, network, net worth, etc. But can a nobody become a somebody in this corporate world? Wouldn't that be the American Dream.


back to writing that cover letter.