This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping a friend put together a look book. She owns a chic clothing boutique in Washington, DC called Rue 14. This all happened one day after a photoshoot I did with the talented, Stephanie Chung. It's funny because I just met both of these individuals and have gotten to know them pretty well just this year. 

Stephanie was looking to expand her portfolio, and being a patron and admirer of her work, I wanted to help her get all the exposure that she could get. Rue 14 is now on it's second year since opening up in 2008, and it's business is blossoming. It's hard for a small boutique to flourish, but with sweet managers like my friend, it's easy to build a strong following and gain business purely from friendly service and word of mouth.

I admire and respect both of these women. Not only that, circumstances have put us together to become fast friends. I wanted to offer my resources in any way that I could, so that was when this look book idea took flight. 

Amy, one of the models and also my closet friend (I was a bridesmaid at her wedding!), and me.

One of things I enjoyed the most was the people whom I got to work with. The models I worked with were all my friends, personally, and I wanted to also offer them the opportunity to gain some exposure, or at least have fun playing dress up. It's so fun working with your friends! We caught up, but then I also got a chance to admire their beauty through Stephanie's lens. 

This may sound funny, but I think all my friends are beautiful in their own unique way. One of the models was a friend whom I had gone to high school with. She has the most stunning features and sharpest cheekbones! We haven't seen each other since high school, so I was a bit nervous about reaching out to her for the shoot. When she arrived, it was like old times in science class again. 

This is us walking towards the outdoor garden shop across the street to shoot the first set of looks. 

We just picked out our favorites from the proofs yesterday and the pictures look stunning! I can't wait to show you guys.

Above is a little polaroid collage that sweet Stephanie put together of behind the scene stuff. Mixed in there are models and some staff members from my organization, Fashion Fix. I had so much fun working with such nice people and continually feel bless and amazed when I stand back only to realize that these people are all doing this because they believe in me. But what makes me most happy is they each walk away with something  as well. 

It's overwhelming and humbling to say the least. I think when you manage to cultivate for yourself a group of genuine and talented friends, any collaboration would be no less than pleasurable and a joy to be a part of.

These friends constantly inspire me and encourage me to strive for more every day.