In the last few months, I don't think I've paid full price on any item of clothing/shoes. I still managed to snag some amazing things that were still in season and am now living proof that no one has to pay retail anymore, or go to Marshalls or whatever those stores are to get a steal.

Got to these babies as soon as Zara started their summer sale, so they still had a few left in my size. $50.
Don't you hate coming up on amazing sales only to find that there are only XL or L's left? The key to snatching up your size is to know when a sale is. Sales for a store's summer inventory start as early as July. And you can always make nice and ask a store associate when their next sale is so you can get first dibs.

Silk dress shirt from Zara $19.

I've yet to wear this dress that I got from Urban Outfitters, so no pictures up, but I managed to snag a size 2!
It was around 10 I believe and the store was closing at 11. I guess the employees were putting out sale inventory for the next day that evening so I managed to get first dibs on the sale. One thing that I've learned about Urban is that their sales online and in stores are the same, except the prices are always 100% lower in store than online. So if you can avoid it, try to always shop Urban sales in store than online.

It's not always all about timing, though. Sometimes, it just takes a keen eye and being resourceful. When you find a specific dress or pair of shoes that you like, get the item name and search online for other retails that carry it for less, with no shipping charges, or some online retails may be having a sale. My Rosegold heels that I got are currently on Urban Outfitters at full price for $168. I got them for $77 because was having a sale on them, in addition to another 30% off on sale items. Not to mention free shipping. 

Mailing lists. This is a big one. If you can avoid the urge to splurge every day when Barney's sends out their mailers, you can save up to take full advantage for when they give their email subscribers first notice of their sale! I've gotten my coveted YSL caged heels from them at 50% off. (It was impulsive and I ended up not liking them as much so I returned them... I regret that decision to this day!) Barney's always has the best sales, including Louboutins and Monolos. Net-a-porter, Edit New York, Shopbop, Oaknyc...the list goes on.

EVERYTHING goes on sale. This is the biggest key thing to remember. No matter how enticing it is when you first see it to buy it right away, remind yourself, in a matter of weeks it will go on sale for much much cheaper. You don't want to be the fool that paid full price, only to find that item is now 50% off two weeks later, do you?

Remember, it pays to shop around. That way, you have extra to spend on more.