One of my best weekends yet in the city. i had a photoshoot with one of my favorite people and friend. I don't even want to call him a photographer because to me, he's a friend, not a profession.

After the shoot, I headed straight for the Alexander Wang Sample Sale on 93 Mercer. It was the 3rd day of the sale so it was slim pickings. There were no handbags left (crushed), nor shoes (majorly crushed...ugh, don't want to think about it). But I did manage to grab a cute pair of white high waisted shorts, a unique black dress (that I have to figure out how wear in public), and long tee shirt/dress thing. I really can't complain since this is probably the only chance I could ever really walk away with 3 pieces from Alexander Wang without feeling buyers remorse.

It was an open dressing room, meaning they space off a little corner, place full length mirrors along the walls, and its guerrilla style from there; no curtains, no dividers, no privacy. I sort of enjoyed it. ;) The girls around me were helping each other out with zippers, fitting, and giving each other their opinions on outfits. Everyone was surprisingly supportive and sweet.

P.s. To the SALESGIRL at the sale: Thanks so much for the compliment and reading my blog! I really was surprised anyone ever read this, so you made my day. I'm sad I did not get your name. I have a very important question to ask: Do they still need interns?! =P I'm dead serious, by the way.

That night we went to eat at L'artusi, so I took the opportunity to wear the white shorts. I'm usually against matching my tops with my shoes, but I couldn't resist. I think royal blue is really growing on me.

On the trip home tonight, I purposely put my luggage on the seat next to me to deter any one from sitting down. I like to ride alone as I find that most people annoy me. I almost succeeded until the very last minute, when a girl got on and insisted that I move my bag because the bus was full. I reluctantly obliged, but I wasn't happy about it. So we kept to ourselves and I napped to avoid seething about the fact that I had to share my space. After a rest stop, a small incident got us talking, so much so that we ended up chatting for the 3 hours left over of the trip. Time flew by. She was worldly, intelligent. A world traveler, earning her masters in Sweden. As we parted ways, she asked me to be friends on Facebook and I was so glad she did. And to think, I didn't even want her to sit next to me.