Dearest Crush,

I was supposed to write this weeks ago. I started to a few times in my head, but how does one approach a letter to a crush? So here goes my first one.

I don't usually have crushes. I can admire a beautiful face or smile. But to admire a whole person for all their being, well that's really rare. You have to be more than just a pretty face, you have to have left a strong mark from the things you do, and what you say, or don't say.

I like you because you are breathtakingly beautiful, yet painfully unaware. A flawless facade, all at once intriguing and dangerous. You embrace your flaws, your indulgences and your mistakes. You are unabashed in your wants and desires and live your life with your heart on your sleeve. But most importantly you inspire me. You've shown me that a person can be full of desires and darkness, and still be selfless and kind. You taught me to be giving to myself in order to be able to give to others. You taught me to be honest with myself and hide nothing. I think honesty is a source of confidence. If you own your truths, they have nothing to hold against you.

My crushes are very rare, because people worth admiring from afar, worth of inspiration and beautifully flawed are so very rare as well.