Winters in Maryland were always so easy. You barely spend any time outside and getting anywhere requires getting into a car first. Now all this walking nonsense I have to do in New York totally throws the idea of cute shoes out the window in lieu of practical ones. Practical usually means flat because I can't imagine pounding the pavements of this city in anything above 1 inches. Remember back when I said my feets are a source of pride for me? This is how a girl gets away with living in heels all her life and walking off with still soft baby feet. My rules for shoes:

Never ever skimp on the price: I know Forever21 makes adorable replicas of your favorite overpriced Zanotti's but unlike their well-made counterpart, they were made on the cheap. Cheap in the footwear world equates to pain. You really do get what you pay for. These shoes are made with fake leather insoles which can wear down on the soft skin of your feet, made to fit a standard universal mold that usually isn't very ergonomic to the human foot, off balanced or use toxic materials and dyes. Uncomfortable shoes can lead to blisters, callouses and you walking a little funny (or barefoot) within a few hours to avoid pain. I know how tempting it is to have the latest and greatest without the price tag, but in the long run, your precious feets will suffer, and your evening may suffer as well. How long do you think you can dance on shoes that are literally killing your soles? Well crafted shoes are made with natural and quality material that usually conform to the shape of your feet, not the other way around. These shoes will have added cushion on the soles to increase comfort and extra care is taken during the design process to avoid any unwanted discomfort (ie, the back of the shoe rubbing against your skin to cause a nasty blister).

In the dead of winter, which ones would you most likely slip and fall in?

A well heeled heel goes a long way: Here's a mantra that I like to stick to: the thicker, the steadier. I have very few stiletto heels (the stick skinny ones) and they usually are so exceptionally well made that I don't have to worry about coordination (as much) especially after a few glasses of wine. But most of my heels, even the 4 + inch ones, keep me well grounded because they have wide and sturdy heels. Not to mention, you will find that wider heels leads to a more comfortable wear then their skinnier counterparts.
Flat by Daniblack

Own a great pair of flats and wear whenever possible: This goes a little against my image of wearing heels 24/7, but every girl has her secrets. In order to appear like I'm always in heels, I wear flats in my downtime whenever possible; during errands, quick grocers run, or getting a mani/pedi. No need to wear heels when there really is no need to. And its good to give your tootsies a day off once in a whiles. In the long run, you will see how thankful they are.