I haven't posted an update on my life in a while. But that's because things were looking a bit dark, and if I was to be cynical about it, they still may be for important decisions and sacrifices still need to be made.

After my internship at Big PR Firm ended, I turned down a freelance gig they offered me. It was meager pay for an obscene amount of bitch work. And I don't regret turning it down. A note to the young, eager and ambitious looking to break into the fashion industry: know your worth, do not let others take you for granted. They may entice you to slave labor with the faint possible hope that a permanent position may be on the horizon or a resume update, but be realistic and realize that there are other avenues out there. It may seem bleak, but don't give up, give yourself better opportunities. Maybe I'm really writing this to myself.

So technically I have been unemployed for almost a month now. I love it that I get to stay up late because I love the witching hours, and I love waking up at 1pm, having a snack and hitting the gym or the pool as it will be today. I don't miss the sunrise.

I've been job searching, but there are few opportunities that fit. The one thing to know about job searching is not to apply to every single job in sight that sort of resembles your qualifications. Don't waste your time. These people want specifics, they list specifics. Narrow it down. It will save you time, and lessen the blows of rejection.

So unemployment would naturally bring anyone a bit of depression. If that is so, than Carine Riotfeld certainly lifted me out of my funk. She just left her post as the Editor in Chief of French Vogue after 10 years. Who would do such a silly thing? Her reasons were, as reported by New York Mag via WWD:
I have always been a freelancer, so when I was hired 10 years ago, I found it very difficult to have an office, an assistant, a schedule, fixed vacations. But at the same time, it was such a huge job that I said yes. It’s been an incredible adventure, but maybe in my heart and soul, I am more of a freelancer.
from Hendal Mansour
There's something strangely restless about 2011. Is it because the idea of a new year makes one feel like they are standing on the precipice of a brand new horizon? Slate cleared, dust dusted off, and wings ready for flight.

All I know is, I won't be in the states much longer. I know I set out here in New York to get a job in fashion PR, but a part of me feels that in lieu of starting my career, I may regret not taking the opportunity, while I am still young, to see the world. I have three sisters in France, all with family and kids of their own, and I want to know them. I want to visit the night market in Taiwan, swim in the blue waters of Fiji, visit New Caledonia, ride an elephant and pretend to be a Maharani. I want henna art to decorating my whole body with blessings of joy and love.

In my thirst for travel, I may have subconsciously passed up a few permanent job positions. That's how bad it is. That's how much I want it, but how conflicted I am about my two worlds right now; the 'working career' one and the 'bird with no home' one.

I have a freelance gig coming up for February, coinciding with Fashion Week. I am grateful that I still get to participate in Fashion Week, but most of all, to have a paycheck again would feel a bit liberating. There is no bitch work with this one as it is with a small up and coming PR Firm, so I get to skip entry level and really get my feet wet, and perhaps make some waves. Unlike the last freelance offer from Big PR Firm, my resume can really benefit from this one and it will certainly take it to the next level. The perks of it being freelance is that there are a few opportunities to travel abroad soon (that's for another entry), so telecommuting won't be a problem.

Welcome to the new world.