I never followed your rules. And I pushed just about every boundary that there was to push. I'm sorry for the heartaches and the scares. I'll try to make it up to you one day.

One day I want to give you the world like you've given me. One day I will give you back everything. You are not perfect, but who am I to hold that against you? You've made me who I am, you gave me life. I hate you sometimes, but only because I love you too much to let you get away with hurting me.

I wish time would stop so I could have you forever, all your love, expectations, more love, the food you cook for me, the talks you give to me thinking you know what's going on. For me, I'm just trying to slow down time, trying to keep you for as long as I can.

And even after you're gone I don't think I will be so sad because every day I am realizing more and more how I am made up of equal parts the both of you, uniquely combined to be no one else but yours. So just like grandpa and every one else. They never left. They're all still here, all a part of me.