Ciao. With the holiday glitter settled, I am back in New York. All this time off has made my brain lethargic. I'm not even sure if I'm making any sense right now. Over the break, I basically over indulged on just about everything I loved.  And I'm starting to feel that the hedonistic behavior is overstaying its welcome...
a thick issue of Sweet magazine with Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover

free make-up bags that came with the magazine...

...from Paul & Joe

Also saw Somewhere over the weekend. Highly recommended for a lazy Sunday watch. I feel like if we were to peer into Sofia Coppola's skull, we would be overwhelmed with exotic flavor sorbets, tropical flowers, pastel roses, sweet perfumes, and vintage lace umbrellas. All her movies are glowingly sweet, with a dangerous sense of innocence dangling on a noose in every scene, ready to sacrifice itself for the sake of art. Most apparent of this was the Virgin Suicides.

We hit up Little Lamb Hotpot as soon as we were back in New York. If you ever want to experience the best hotpot of your life, you must venture into Flushing, New York, to Little Lamb. And in this frigid weather, it's the best excuse.

Next up on the list was Eataly, Mario Batali's Italian food hall, offering all sorts of authentic gastronomical treats.

tagliatelle with black truffles; and to be honest, was pretty blasé.

My favorite; prosciutto and wine.
So hopefully after all this, we've gotten the glutton out of our system. But I think we have plans to hit up Gyu-Kaku this weekend... Who am I kidding. This year is going to be indulgent and overflowing. It sure is starting out that way.