i had the weirdest dream.

I woke up restless. Anyways, here goes it. Laugh or just give me a weird look. I don't know if this was a comedy, thriller, or romance:

a stranger walked in and liberally treated himself to my friend joy's and mine's fried chicken at piepies [aka popeyes] while striking up an awkward conversation. He said something that made us uneasy and we sprinted. We weaved ourselves through the cavernous halls of the Louvre, Joy running ahead of me. Us, shoving tourists and Frenchies out of our way. I was graspin  on to her hand, desperately trying to stay close behind. I told her to hold me tight so I can just follow her lead and turn my head to look behind, to see if he was still on our tail. Just as we descended the marble steps outside of the grand museum I saw him getting closer and closer. No matter how fast we ran, he would double his speed and would soon surpass us; a slick figure in a black suit, relentless and determined to catch up. what did he want?

we reached the first floor where there was people all around and I felt him collide with my body. He pulled me to the ground, and pressed me down with his hands.

"Joy!" I screamed. i was still holding on to her hands but she was squirming away, not bothering to look behind. she finally broke free and ran off. maybe she's going to get help, i prayed.

It was only him and I now, despite the fact that there were people all around.

the stranger pulled me close. "who am i?" he asked me, suddenly beginning to sob.
"all i remember is that I love you, but I don't know who I am."

and I couldn't remember who he was either, but I wanted to cry for him.