I may not be the best blogger with the most consistent updates or posts, but the last few days have been one of the most rewarding experiences as I have been reading your responses to my postcard survey. I wish my blog could be more concise, neater, and just have a general all around definitive theme. You know, like how some people write about only pretty things, or their fashion items, or make-up, etc? I guess my definitively vague theme would be my life, my passion, and my love/lust for it all. I'm like a psycho who is in love with everything one day and nothing the next. Bipolar is it?

Anyways, a lot of you who responded to my survey ask if I could tell a little more about the lover, and I realized I leave him as a shadowy figure on this blog, who only shows up to feed me or take me away on our little escapes. This is probably because I have gone through way too many relationships before him, and each time I would post up silly pictures of us, write all about us, and when we break up, I would feel even more silly of what I've done, how I had shamelessly bragged about us only to have it all end. So I didn't want to give this one the same treatment. I wanted to keep it sacred and special.

So here is the story of us, and hopefully the last story of this sort that I have to tell. I mean it when I say I am exhausted of dating. The idea of meeting anyone else, getting to know them, and just getting attached to another human being; this is the last and final one. There's no one else that I would ever want.

It all started with this entry. I came up to New York to visit my friend Brett. The lover's name makes an appearance all but once. But there it was, the seed that was starting to take root. I was pretty fresh out of a depressing two year relationship that dragged itself out, so 'taking it slow' would be an understatement at the time. The funny thing is, we both disliked each other when we first met. He thought I came off a bit 'ditsy' and 'blonde.' (Hilarious right?) And I thought he was detached and rude. The entry referred to at the beginning of this paragraph was the second time we hung out. By chance, I ended up calling him up for the apartment keys because Brett was out of town. It all clicked from there, like a snowball rolling out of control and getting bigger and bigger. All it needed was something to push it first. I think that was it for us. We couldn't stop what was happening if we tried.

I took it slow. He let me take my time. We went to the Virgin Islands. Went jet-skiing, snorkeling, swam with dolphins, discovered our favorite sushi spot on the island, found our favorite coves. It was unforgettable. On our return, after six months of taking it easy, I finally was ready to make it official. He never pushed me into it. There was this quiet confidence he had about us. I think he was just waiting until I caught on to it as well.

So that's the story of us and how it all began.

He's my opposite in pretty much every sense. I get caught up easily in things, and he is hardly phased by superficiality. I'm very high strung, and he is very relaxed and laid back. He absorbs all my craziness. I have a blog and he keeps himself practically anonymous. We both have a passion for food, culture, and travel. The idea of being a couple for me usually meant being tied down, and trapped to one place; being predictable, cue the white picket fences, the two kids, dog and mini-van. But meeting Evan has complete redefined my idea of being committed. We are going to see the world together, take our time, and settle down whenever and wherever we want, not to be dictated by our peer's timelines or society's standards. We are totally unpredictable. And thats the part that I love about us the most. He lets me fly when I want to.