your postcards are in the mail. some of you really moved me with your responses. to the ones who are just aching with desire to see the world, to take that leap...

I say that's the first step to realizing your dreams. I don't even want to call it dreams because nowadays when we say stuff like "you're living the dream!" it equates to something like having it all, living it big, or achieving a big goal/accomplishment. I don't want it to be that. Sometimes a dream can be just to simply cross the Atlantic, to sit in front of the tomb of someone you admire, or to connect with your lost family. A dream doesn't have to be society's (or your peer's) deeming of big great achievement. It's a personal endeavor. And it only means something to the dreamer, no one else.

You don't have to summit Mount Rushmore and you don't have to cure cancer unless it is truly a personal goal. But I feel like I'm talking about something different. Something much more intimate and smaller, more precious. The thing that lifts us up and makes us float from one day to the next with a little more ease, with a smile. Is your life more enriched because of the accolades hanging on your wall, the size of your bank account or the car you drive?

When I finally reached Mr. Wilde's tomb, I was in awe of what was before me. It's a memory that I don't think I will ever forget. Just like kisses from my beautiful nephew, or the time lover took me up to the Empire State Building just to say hi to the pigeons because we had thirty minutes to spare.

After realizing that desire within you, you have to acknowledge that it is selfish and only for you. Accept that not because it's easier but because its true. This is your life and you only live once, but so many of us are sleeping through it or dead and don't even know it.

And then let it grow. Let it grow so large that it becomes unbearable to live the way you are currently living. Let it make you want to cry every night to wish you had the willpower to do as you please. That's the next step; to let it eat away at you and consume you until you burst.

And when you do explode, that's when your journey will begin, wide-eyed and awake, fully aware of your potential and what magic the world holds for you, no longer in your dormant state but full of hunger and want that must be fulfilled at this very moment or you will scream. No compromises.