In love with this brand, as you can tell from my last post. I bought a few things from this cosmetic brand and and finding myself very satisfied with just about everything that I walked away with, including some of their samples. One of the great things about shopping in Korea is that cosmetic shops give you lots of samples and have crazy flash sales during the weekend. How does one ever resist??

Unfortunately you cannot purchase this blush on their U.S. website, but it is available on ebay and the likes if you really want to try. Again, those overseas who have access to Hong Kong and Taipei shopping are in luck. 

I have always been a fan of multi-color blushes, bronzers, concealers...pretty much anything. They give you a bit of dimension and blend in a lot more naturally with your skin tone. Out of all those things, I am constantly on the look-out (and am suckered to) blushes. A girl can be bare faced with no make up, but she needs to have blush (and mascara). I was immediately drawn to the blusher on the left (No.1) for its vibrant pink color, which perfectly compliments my skin tone. It's important to know your skin tone when shopping to minimize trial and error, and save time.

The one cool thing about this is the shimmery powders mixed into the blush instantly brightens your face, giving you a bit of an ethereal glow. It's not bold, but rather subtle in a very good way. Almost like Nar's Orgasm blush, which has shimmery bits in it and a soft glow, except this one is a bit brighter in tone. Bonus: there's a sweet scent infused into the blush so whenever I give it a swirl I get a welcoming whiff of flowers!