The beds make the biggest difference. When staying as a guest at a friend's house, you are pretty much grateful to even have a bed and a roof over your head. But at hotels, it's a different story. If you are deathly allergic to feathers or animal dander of any kind (ie, goose feathers or down beddings), which most hotel comforters and pillows are stocked with, you share my pain. 

I remember in Seoul, as soon as I put my head down, my nose immediately got congested, making breathing almost impossible. Eyes were itchy and red, and throat was scratchy. Forget sleeping. 
It was quite difficult to explain to housekeeping, who primarily spoke Korean, how I was allergic and needed synthetic or cotton sheets, pillows, and comforters. 

Shangri-La took it a step further and had a down feather mattress pad, which we found after replacing everything else, and wondering why I was still dying from allergies, only to pull back the fitted sheets in the  middle of the night to find the culprit laying right beneath us the whole time.

This time at the Quote Hotel, we were pleasantly surprised when they replaced our feathered stuffed pillows with ones filled with silkworm excrement.