I came up to Philly to surprise the hard studying lover of mines. We went to a few parties hosted by his cohort (mba school has its own jargon) and a 90's themed party. It was like putting a bunch of strangers together, who all seem to be socially phobic in one way or another, and making them test their small-talk skills. I'll be the first to admit, I hate people. And I hate my friends a little less than I hate people. It's part social anxiety, lots of awkwardness and part misanthropic. Anyways, applauds to all you grad students out there. It's a lot of mingling, bullshitting, and strain smiles (on my part), but for those of you who've master the skill of socializing, it's truly an enviable skill.

The next day we headed to Reading Terminal Market to see what we could fill our bellies with.

Soft Shell Crab above, and below the infamous Tommy Dinic's Roast Pork and Beef

The Verdict?  It lived up to the hype!

There was a used book shop in the market that was a little too overpriced. A used copy of 100 Years of Solitude cost $10. Amazon can beat that.

Then we headed to South Street:

This amazing hot dog shop was called Hot Diggity, which turned out to be an amazing find. The hot dogs were inventive.

My favorite had to be the Saigon Fusion. Which was dead on in capturing the flavors of a Vietnam's banh mi, but better. I'm craving one now just writing about it again.