Something strange is happening. And I don't know why it's happening now, but I'm happy that it is.

We all have been hurt and betrayed by former friends or those we thought were our 'friends.' For me, I was always too trusting of any one who came into my life. I would never question their motives, but just wholeheartedly helped them or emotionally trusted them as a confidante. Stupid and naive, but one has to start some where to make progress. There were some who severely betrayed my trust or let me down. Thus, bridges were burnt and friends were lost.

But for some odd reason, maybe it's the fact that I'm up to my neck working on our next charity event or that I am so removed from the social drama stratosphere, that I've lost all care for what ever transpired between these people and myself in the past. One of my favorite quotes, "What happened to you then is not happening to you now."

All the weight of holding on to these grudges have disappeared and I feel so much lighter. Maybe it's surrender to the fact that these things happen and it's part of life. People will hurt you, and you can put up as many walls to protect yourself as you want, but in the end you end up harming yourself.