I am obsessed over my eyes. Which means I obsess over finding the perfect mascara, eye-liner, and eye cream. When a long time friend of mine introduced me to this cream, Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Regenerating Cream, I was all too eager to try it. And like all skin care products, it sat in my make up basket for a good few months before I even touched it. But I'm so glad I did.

It doesn't have SPF, so I use this at night. But you don't care about that. You want to know why I cannot live without this thing. Here's what I know; I have double eyelids, and depending on whether I get enough sleep or not, they become uneven (one larger than the other). But not if I use this cream before bed, even if I sleep at 3am...Which is about when I'm writing this entry. Ce la vie.

It's a bit pricey, so you may want to ask for a sample size at first because we all have different needs and different skin types. My major problems were tired eyes (because I never ever sleep at reasonable hours), lines, and dark circles. I don't suffer from bags, thank goodness.

I've noticed visible improvements in tired lines under my eyes and dark circles are almost non-existent in the morning. This thing is heaven in a jar.

For daytime, I use a totally different cream for my eyes that contain SPF and amazing hydration. More on that on the next post. =)