Whenever my girl friends return from Asia, they always bring back a barrage of glamour shots. Some are ridiculously dated (hello track pants and newsboy hats) and some are just breathtaking. To get the latter, you have to do your research and be willing to fork over more dough and half of an entire day. I had seen a bunch of places in China that we're fairly affordable, but I knew the aesthetic that I wanted (extreme glam, but maybe still acceptable to look at in 10 years) and China wasn't going to deliver. So when I got to Taipei, knowing their rich entertainment industry and Japanese cultural influence, not to mention non-third world status, I pounced on my first foray into the world of Asian glamour shots.

Where did I go? A place called "White Ladder." it's my understanding that they have many locations throughout Taiwan and each vary slightly in quality. If you stick to Taipei, you get the more modern looks and wider selections.

My experience was amazing! I arrived bare faced and hideous and sat helplessly in my make up chair, watching my unassuming make up artist transform me into a oiran, from the movie Sakuran (highly recommended movie!).

Below is my take of Kiyoha (the protagonist) and Anna Tsuchiya's Kiyoha from the movie's poster.