I've heard the gushings around me about primers, specifically how it smooths out lines and helps prolong foundation and make-up. I've heard you all rave about Make Up Forever's life saving formula and so I decided to venture into the mysterious world of primers, knowing little to nothing about it. I tried the purple one (sorry, that's not very specific) from Make Up Forever, with disastrous peely results, and the one with SPF which made me break out. Their primers are silicone based, which is known to clog pores.

So I ran away fast and haven't looked back. Primers, I was fine before without them, why do I need to risk more heartache (and blemishes) for this supposed magical thing?

And then this past weekend, as I was getting touch-ups on my hair, flipping through an issue of Cosmo (I swear, I never read that trash), I see a feature on Nepolean Perdis' Set Calming Pre-Foundation Primer ($29 at Target). They said it was ideal for sensitive skin (which means it's safe for most skin types) and contains extracts of aloe, cucumber, and peppermint. It is also important to note that it is not silicone based, nor does it contain any parabens (as inferred from my amateur reading of the ingredients list).

Let's just say that I never knew how good this stuff was because I've never had a good primer before. I've been wearing this every day, since Saturday. Pros: My skin feels extremely soft and smooth. I feel like there is a buffer between my skin and my foundation, which keeps the foundation from sinking into my pores. Cons: There isn't much to be said in terms of oil control, unfortunately (which doesn't change much from before because I combat that with loose powder). But other than that, I have no complaints and welcome the addition of a new product into my make up routine since I enjoy the way it makes my skin fee.

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