I just saw this by chance because I am obsessed with Instagram and saw someone overseas showcasing their purchase. They made other prints, but I've taken a liking to this fruity Chiquita girl print of their's. So once again, the US gets left out of more cool shit, like the second release of Versace for H&M (Cruise Collection). It's not like I would even be able to get my hands on one of these because we all know the ebay hoarders (oh excuse me, and true fashionsitas) get in line about 50 hours before store opening and ebaying it later will just leave you dead broke. These stupid designer collections that are priced for the 99% of us are a test of dedication of how enslaved we are to labels and enthralled by the thought of "limited editions."

I digress. I'm just mad that label-whores stateside were not given the same opportunity to throw more money on useless overpriced clothing, all for a chance to wear the name Versace [for H&M].

Someone is winning today, and it's not US.