I am so grateful when my girlfriend at Bonobos contacted me to ask if my nonprofit, Fashion Fix, could host a trunk show for them as they make their way into the DC market. It was this past Thursday at Lost Society, an amazingly chic venue in one of the hippest parts of DC. It has a combination of class with leather accents and fun, with an outdoor patio and beautiful candle chandeliers. The turnout was extremely successful! We made so many new friends and were so grateful to the old ones who came to support.

The event was to benefit the Capital Breast Care Center, one of my favorite charities to work with. I'll post more pictures as they come in from our event photographers.

Fashion Fix is coming along nicely. For a while with me out of the city (and country) it was at a standstill, but we are moving forward with finally establishing ourselves as a nonprofit this year with the help of a talented friend/staff member. This whole experience, though daunting and scary as it is so public among my peers (failure is always eminent and it seems like some are just waiting for it), has reminded me just how blessed I am. Our team keeps on growing and I get the pleasure of meeting such wonderfully ambitions and inspiring people. To have such a talented team backing up Fashion Fix, I can't help but feel grateful every day. It has gone from being my baby, to being OUR baby-- so to speak.

And finally, a sneak peek of one of the  models at our event in Bonobos' spring line. *oh, and that's me with the deer eyes in the background*