Betelnut - asian fusion. highly recommended for brunch 

Adult dinner of chicken and brussel sprouts. In addition to gouda and bread.

It was nice to be able to sip on a coconut and pretend to be somewhere tropical for a moment.

Amanda and I walked San Francisco for 3 hours. I was so lucky to have such an adventurous companion to explore with.

Bouche: a bit overpriced for elf-size portion dishes that we mediocre.

Japacurry truck: heaven on wheels

Gary Danko - I figure for our 3 year milestone (neither of us has ever reached this point in our previous relationships), I would flip the script and take him out to a nice restaurant. Apparently Gary Danko is the best in San Fran. We were so impressed with the service, food and general atmosphere. I would not hesitate to go back. Am so in love with this place and the lover, who kept saying he isn't easily impressed, was immensely impressed.

Tuna tartare

soft shell crab


thai coconut seafood curry

lobster & grits


pork belly

an anniversary treat from Gary Danko

and even more treats, compliments of the chef!

Wine tasting in Napa

northern style pho at Turtle Pho, this was very interesting

The ferry building had regular food stalls, which we were more than happy to try out!

Fried chicken sandwich from 4505 Meat

Blue Bottle Coffee expresso - it was epic strong

The House - raved reviews, but I didn't think it was all that.

I hope you didn't get too hungry!!