I trip a lot because I wear heels everywhere.

Twitter is where I vent.

My nails are always chipped because I am that lazy.

I love my kindle but I'm starting to miss ear marking my pages. And turning pages. And the smell of the pages.

I have insomnia again. Had it when I returned from Asia. It wasn't so bad in the winter. But now it's starting again. When we sleep together is probably the only times I can sleep.

I've never really been single. This might be why I have insomnia.

I want consistency, guarantees, unconditional and stability. All things I don't personally know how to give.

Most of all I crave companionship and freedom.

I am full of contradictions that I don't know if I will ever be happy once I finally get what I want because what I want will only be half of a whole.

I want to get away. Disappear for a little while again.