-cozy flannel shirts
-lip stains
-vanilla perfume
-pastel roses for no special occasion
-tea in the morning in bed
-fresh sheets
-lacy undergarments
-sleepy FaceTime calls
-sleepy sex
-the moment when you just wake up and everything feels warm like it came fresh out of the dryer
-buying yourself flowers
-napping during a thunderstorm
-a kiss on the forehead during a quiet unexpected moment
-a spontaneous escape

looks like the lover and i are planning something random at the end of the month. new york this weekend, perhaps Jamaica right after, Electric Zoo, then he starts classes (2nd at Wharton).

me? I'm probably gonna daydream. I have the nonprofit work, events, classes as well. but my life is simple. I pick up and go when i please. he doesn't keep me in cages. no one does.