1. "You've lost too much blood," they said to me gently. I don't know how it happened. Maybe my period got carried away but I was fatigued and exhausted. My lips had turned blue. "What can I do to fix this?" I ask. "Stop bleeding yourself to death," was their only reply.

2. A white laced dress. A small child walking up large marble steps leading to the ivory tower, the cave of the beast. Golden leaves fell around her and a light drizzle began to fall. Autumn smelled continually of rotting foliage and dampness. The girl clings to the fabric of her dress with both hands tiny as they were. Dainty and small, she looked almost harmless, yet she knew she had to overthrow the monster inside and make the tower hers. Inside, the wolves and lions paced, expecting her arrival. They didn't show how it happened, but in the end, she had managed to became their queen.

3. "You know what the best part of me is?"
"What's that?"
"My grandfather." And she walked away.