This image is hope personified. I will recreate it one day. Maybe on a birthday. Anyways, if you have a nice slow song going in the background with a good steady beat, this image seems like it was made for your song.

Had the most decadent dinner last night from an up-and-coming chef. His new restaurant is slated to open in the next month or so. But being there, in that dimly lit room with a few of my close friends, in an undisclosed location, spirits flowing in our veins, I was ecstatic. Every dish was a surprise to behold and we delicately spooned each savory morsel into our mouths. Conversation ranged from what songs were playing overhead, our next trips together, and any random taboo thing. My face ached from smiling and my eyes threatened to close forever. 

Been seeking comfort in the company of friends who do not judge me. They spoil me and let me be. But they always give me what I want. I've also taken to going out of town on weekends, adventure seeking (hello flying lessons), and going to matinees by myself. Oh, and eating well with good people every chance I get. This being alone thing, it's like learning to walk for the first time. Baby steps.