It's 3am, a good time as any to write about my birthday. I flaked tonight though. It was a friend's birthday and I had promised to go but I did not. I've realized that I'm a homebody and any situation that involves putting on a lot of make up and looking cute for anyone other than myself for the sole purpose of getting free drinks is somewhat disheartening. Not the people, but the idea of going out. I can't imagine what you could do or whom you could meet that wouldn't
be better than a friend you'd make during daylight hours and without music blaring or alcohol involved. I take that back. Any situation can be improved with alcohol. I just needed to recharge from the week. But I digress.

The birthday. I wanted to stay in bed as my previous post had stated. But I received the most beautiful vase of hydrangeas. Since my favorite flowers are out of season by now (peonies), the next best thing that resembles an explosion of petals or a ball gown would be hydrangeas. I don't like meek little flowers. An unexpected delivery of flowers will make any girls day, bday or not. Then came my first bday wish which happened at lunch. I insisted it wasn't necessary. We don't need to celebrate my new older age, but they were persistent. I blew out my candles and he sneakily took pictures. Dislike.

The second wish came with unexpected company. I didn't think I would live to see the day when I would get a surprise party. I'm always the one hosting and organizing, but it has always been secretly on my bucket list: to have someone host me a surprise bday. It's a conflict of interest since you can't really tell any one what you want because it defeats the whole purpose. Thankfully I didn't have to. My best friend read my mind. I arrived an hour and a half late but all was graciously happy to see me. They fed me and we laughed so much. It was a great night (and a weeknight)! We were the last ones in the restaurant. My second wish was the same as my first. I hope it comes true.

The week has been filled with dinners and catch ups. I'm happy the bday is behind me now. I'm happy to be by myself right now.