I am not an expert at this, but I think it is important to be good at being on your own. No one talks about that part. The love stories and love songs; they are obsess about finding the one and being in love. You grow up listening to fairy tales and reading novels about great loves and great sacrifices of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre proportions. You imagine in your head what it would be like on the day that you meet that person, that love of your life. What life would be like after; tender, loving, full of life and laughter and running holding hands. Something like that right? Idealistic and hopeful and full of sappy love songs. The 80's were the worse because their love ballads were even more sappy than the ones today. Aha's "Take on me" still give me chills at times. Do not get me started on John Hughes films.

They do not tell you that you have to be a full person first before you can truly be happy with another being, before you can love someone else besides yourself. The journey to find yourself, to love yourself could easily take an entire life time. And maybe it is not all about finding some one else to love, that that part may be the appetizers to the larger meal that is your entire life. You taste the truth in every moment that you dive deeper into, you let yourself forget and relearn the same lessons over and over again, hoping for perfection, knowing that it will never come, yet always searching. The love of your life is you. The lovers you take along the way are a testament to your beauty, the one that radiates from within long after youth has faded away.

To be single isn't being alone. You can be in love or have lovers and be single. But to love, truly love is to redefine what it means; it means putting yourself first, being in love with yourself and your flaws and being accountable for yourself. You can call it narcissism. Labeling things will only limit us in our growth.