Caused some raised eyebrows this past Saturday by showing up with the lover and it was delicious. The thing about Asians and their tight knit groups... I've never belonged to a clique so it bothers me a little when groupthink occurs or when males dominate (oh hi, sexist double standards), but I do see the appeal of having that one consistent group of the same people that you can always hang out with every weekend, and just about every day, like an extended family of drunken people who never leave...actually I take that back. That sounds really unappealing. Group dynamics are always fun (sarcasm), especially when dealing with large egos from insecurity and really exclusive types who insist on labeling everyone that they let into their close circle a BFF ("OMG ALL MY BEST FRIENDS!"). High school was a long time ago. These are not your best friends but your party friends and you need not create a separate label on your little group to reconfirm your inclusion/special place and reaffirm everyone else's exclusion. That is really sad in the sense that I want to kind of hug you.

The best part? None of my friends batted a lash. It just was and it did not change a thing. We all bonded over the fact that we're all pretty crazy, so there has always been a no judgement policy. Now that is something you can't synthesize, no matter how hard you try.

It's been a few years since society has deemed me fit to be counted as an adult, but I've only felt like a real life one this past weekend. I think being an 'adult about something' means being civil to people even while you imagine yourself serving them a knuckle sandwich. It will happen to you one day. You will come across an asinine creature undeserving of civility and a strange calm will come over you. Somehow you just rather not care and you find yourself smiling like you would to an officer pulling you over, and you say the designated lines "Hi, how are you? Good!" So yay for being an adult for a minute over the weekend and then taking ten steps back for blogging about wanting to give them a knuckle sandwich with a side of cray realtalk. Oh passive aggressive.

Here's to hoping you had more adult moments than I did, perhaps something involving a the word 'flex spending' or sobriety on Sunday morning.