I know I start my sentences with coordinating conjunctions. I don't do it on academic papers. Just on this blog because I write like how I think--in continuous streams and abrupt thoughts that start on the middle, from out of nowhere.

So much has happened to me personally this week. Positive good things are finally happening and I'm riding the waves, busy as ever. This weekend calls for lunches with girlfriends and a trip to a Korean spa house before I am off to Paris next week. A nice little break before the storm.

Also, if anyone is reading this: HAPPY 2013! May it be a good year for you. "You were not made to fail, but made to learn." May you try new things and learn from them. For the first time ever, rather than staying in, I went with a large group of friends to Atlantic City to see Kaskade at Revel on the 30th and Tiesto on the 31st. It was the best New Years celebration that I have ever experienced.

And so far, this year has been off to such a good start. 13 is my lucky number. Let it be yours.

I leave you with a quote from my favorite American Princess:

"I try not to get poignant about much. Life is long and if you get sentimental about everything you wear out fast." -Princess Carole Radziwill