Day 2 and through the eyes of an awkward American.

•Canada goose is very popular. Have only seen one Moncler for every 10 Canada Goose coat.

•Good news! Everyone speaks a little bit of English.

•Liner and red lips are so simple and classy. Saw a mom at Bon Marche (big fancy department store) with it and that was all she needed.

•Everyone wears headphones while using public transportation. I brought mine but didn't use them. I don't want to tune Paris out. I want to enjoy all of its sights and sounds.

•Thick knitted scarves are wrapped around the whole head and, shockingly, do not look bad.

•Parisienne women know how to wear fur without looking old.

•Back in the states, my winter attire would put most Americans to shame. No offense, but the average American can not dress. Here, I don't even stand out. Everyone looks extremely chic and warm!

Photos: By the Opera and a miniature Russian doll that I won in our almond cake après dinner tonight.