Coveted and drove all the way to DC after class to snatch up two lovely dresses from this much anticipated collection (I posted full collection and price on my other blog).

I much prefer these capsule collections from H&m than their designer collaborations which have turned into a gimmicky fiasco over the years. It's like signing up for early torture before Black Friday (h&m designer collabs usually drop around Nov. 11-ish). The items are overpriced, super trendy; meaning they become outdated fast, and the crowds are hungry and shrill. These kind of events makes me worry about humanity sometimes. But the Conscious collection was quietly launched today and when I arrived at around 2:30pm, all my sizes were still available (2-4). Everything was quality made and timeless. Not to mention the price point was extremely reasonable.

With 2 weddings ahead of me, one in Connecticut and one in LA, I am more than prepared!