As much as I do not feel like an adult, it must be accepted that I am one, whether I like it or not. I'm a quasi-adult. I had a 9 to 5 that I responsibly attended every weekday. And then I decided on a life less ordinary and went about living off the taken path. Another birthday approaches and I find myself more introspective than ever (that's unusual). I am thinking of the past and of all those I have encountered.

There are strange moments, where time stood still and some sort of truth is exchanged, moments that I still like to relive once in a while, reveling in the memories. That really did happen, didn't it? 

Tonight I am thinking of Paris and how my  mother can speak perfect French and I cannot. Missed opportunities.

This past summer, I was in San Francisco. I am sure some of you wondered what I was up to. The truth is, I have always been transparent about my life (if you go far back enough), yet as I get older, I find myself guarding the factual details of my life like I would to a helpless dear child. I am starting to feel like the adult world is a politically correct world and if I am to make it there, I have to hold back a little. I have a tendency to be too honest, too real and too intense, or so I have been told. So I was in San Francisco this summer, working at a top start-up that is growing faster than eBay did in its first 3 years. It will likely go public next year, and it was truly a great learning experience. I am now back home, in a waiting terminal or just finishing up my degree, however you want to look at it, with 18 credits this semester. I am teaching myself Python (coding) and contemplating what to do with the glorious freedom that I will have next summer. Should I volunteer? Should I just travel? What could top what I did this past summer? My picture was in TechCrunch!