Day 1 - Inspired by Lana Del Rey or something like that, I decided the second best way to stay in the shade is if I made a flower crown. Worked pretty well and kept my forehead cooled. This lovely red dress had an open back and two slits on both sides, making it optimal for dancing and getting places fast. Not to mention, at the end of the night, I ended up just tying up the panels so I could dance harder.

Day 2 - I wanted the opposite of the previous day, so opted for a basic outfit of jeans and a crop top from Zara. Threw in a fun pair of shades and a hat. The shoes were a godsend as were the additional Dr. Scholls insoles. 

Our coachella house was pretty awesome too.

Aaron doesn't seem very happy, but assure you, it was all his idea to pick me up!

Day 3 - Girly skirt. Man I love slits. I also love crop/bandeau tops, or whatever you call them. The best outfit for the hottest day of the weekend.

And I am out. Until next month!! =P

(I know I've been the worse at updating. Will do my best to bang out some more stuff... I honestly don't know what else to write about any more.)