Ever since I've started working full time again (four years now), it's been really hard to maintain a balance outside of work. Finding the energy to cultivate new skills and hobbies outside of a full time job can add even more stress to an already full schedule. But like all goals, you have to put in the time. I've made it an effort to prioritize myself more this year (when is this not a goal lol). Along with sleeping earlier (10am) and waking up earlier (6am), as well as picking up therapy again, I've decided to learn new ways to create content. I want to document everything. The result is still a bit rough, but that isn't the point.

The point is to keep iterating. Practice makes perfect.

I decided to try a new blogging format when words fail at capturing nuances in the mundane. Like an Instagram or Snapchat story, I like the format above a lot. Sometimes I want to play a video of someone going about their day in the background as I go about my owns chores around the house. So here is my mundane.


Ps. There's a sneak peek of what our house looks like.

image: Arctic Fox by © jarradseng